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Naples Air Center (NAC) is the premier Flight School in Florida offering professional and private/ recreational flight training under (formerly JAA) and FAA licensing authorities. From April 2012, European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) Pilot Training is the newly implemented standard replacing JAA for any pilot aiming to fly in Europe. NAC offers Approved EASA Pilot Training in the USA by EASA licensed and approved highly experienced Flight and Ground Instructors. In addition, NAC also offers FAA training under FAR Part 141 training and FAR Part 61 training programmes. Whether you are fulfilling your dream to become a pilot professionally or privately, we will assist you in achieving your goal.


NAC owns 24 of the 27 aircraft that are used for Flight Training. There is nothing more important than owning our aircraft as we are interested in their maintenance. Owning our aircraft also offers students the confidence in the economic position of the Company. NAC offers training in various aircraft from original “6 pack” to “glass” and LOFT (Line orientated Flight Training). This training is imperative as it opens your employment prospects on all aircraft. Our fleet of aircraft has an excellent track record in safety and reliability. Their design combines stability and agility, which are the optimum requirements in the training world.

Service Centers

NAC is allocated by some of the big names in aircraft manufacturing as area maintenance representatives to complete their warranty work on new planes. Our maintenance is of the highest standards allowing us to hold the representations on behalf of Piper and Cirrus for more than 10 years, just to name a few. NAC knows safety is the cornerstone of all operations and these Companies recognize that. Our maintenance facility has been an approved FAR §145 repair station for more than three decades; this holds our facility to higher standards than normal service stations. This means that we are inspected more to guarantee this higher level of certification; our Maintenance crew maintains this standard with ease through their expertise.

Successful Graduates

Our graduates speak for themselves as they successfully reach their goal of working for an Airline. We can put you in touch with already successful candidates to get real-life experience.


You’re only as good as the pilots we train so we measure ourselves by your success. And with a 96% first first-time pass rate, our graduates are among some of the highest achievers in the industry. Our figures speak for themselves

Class Sizes

It is the many small differences in how we do things that add up to a big difference in our results. One of these features is our belief in training smaller groups, this enables us to offer a much more personalized and beneficial approach for each individual. Also, NAC utilizes synchronous training approach. In other words, when you are learning the theory at the initial stage, you will also be developing your flying skills in tandem. We firmly believe this approach helps our students understand the theory as they are practicing what they are learning.

Our People

NAC provides world-class training and instruction to all of its students. We are dedicated to setting the best values and practices that airlines value most in professional pilots. NAC employs permanent full-time instructors who include both lifelong professional instructors, as well as retired commercial and corporate jet pilots. We are proud to offer a brand new Redbird FMX certified simulator,!

New Technologically advanced EASA ATPL Theory Learning

We use the next generation of mobile learning and is the first ever app to offer a complete and fully approved EASA ATPL course which integrates into your digital flight bag.



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Naples Air Center
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