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MMCC isn’t one size fits all, but it is a place where students of every stripe can gain something valuable.

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Not just because our classes transfer to public and private universities across the country. Not just because you’ll be teamed up with an academic advisor who will work with you on defining and mapping your experience across your time at MMCC. Not just because you’ll be appreciated as an individual who can meaningfully contribute to your learning and that of your peers. But because being a student at Mid means getting more out of your education, more for your dollar, and more for your future. MMCC offers a start that provides something rich and unique. Whether you’re looking to save money on your four-year or advanced educational plans, you’re coming back to college as a non-traditional student, or you want to enter into a career in two years or less through one of our trade, technical, or occupational programs, we’re confident that you’ll Get More at Mid. 6

Programs of Study

At MMCC, we focus on a whole-student approach to learning. We understand that each student has individual goals, and therefore each student needs to travel a path that specifically accomplishes that goal.

Different Tracks for Different Goals:

MMCC offers four types of training and program tracks, and within most of those tracks, students can select from short-term training options, two-year associates degrees, or transfer degrees that integrate seamlessly into the four-year programs at other colleges and universities. That means that regardless of whether you’re a hands-on, practical learner or more comfortable dealing with theories and concepts, whether you’re looking to join the workforce in one to two years or whether you’d like to go on to a bachelor or beyond, MMCC has something that will work for you. And at an exceptional value.


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