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Hancock International College was established to provide quality education at affordable prices for students wishing to enter the fast-growing instruction of English as a Second Language. While some schools only teach theoretical concepts, both students and Universities demand knowledge of the practical elements of the English language today. Hancock International College first opened its doors in Irvine, California in 2011. HIC has fostered the development of its Intensive ESL courses for all levels of English Language Learners, offering Intensive English courses for beginners to advanced speakers of ESL.


The mission of Hancock International College is to provide a comprehensive educational program in English as a Second Language for international students who represent many different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. The foundations of our program are instruction in grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We also provide international students exposure to American culture and history.


Whether your goal is to attend an American university in the United States or achieve professional success in your career, HIC’s IESL Program is designed to increase your proficiency with the English Language while gaining a greater understanding of the American culture. For international students being in a foreign country can be very intimidating. HIC provides small and intimate classes in order for students to receive the best possible instruction. HIC holds many activities throughout the year for students. Holiday parties (i.e. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.). HIC also prides itself on the end of the quarter cultural field trip where all students in every level can enjoy themselves and utilize the knowledge and education they received in their class. Cultural field trips may vary depending on the season. HIC is located in southern California, with the best climate in the US. For international students, this is a great opportunity; once you are ready to transfer you can choose from hundreds of private and public universities in and out of the state of California. Once students have completed the HIC IESL Program, Hancock International College has fostered relationships with many universities making transferring even easier.

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Hancock International College

Hancock International College
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