We are excited you are thinking about becoming part of the Hiwassee community! We are here to help you with anything and everything you need. We would love to answer any questions you may have about the College of academics to affordability and beyond. Hiwassee’s influences are not limited to the immediate area. 10,000 plus alumni are contributing to communities in 44 states and 28 countries. Some of Hiwassee’s successful alumni include a prime minister of Jordan, a retired president of American BMW operations, an Emory heart surgeon, and a Broadway performer. In just a few short years, we hope to be able to include your name among our prospering alumni members. Our campus has grown from a mere seven acres to a larger campus, comprised of eighteen buildings situated on 400 acres. We offer a variety of university parallel and career/vocational programs leading to the Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science degrees. In recent years, Hiwassee has received praise for its financial aid, academic, and athletic programs and has been rated as one of the five most affordable private colleges in Tennessee. Hiwassee professors, students, and athletic teams also frequently receive statewide, national, and even international recognition. YOU could be one of these outstanding and well-recognized students while here at Hiwassee College! Surrounded by the majesty of the Appalachian Mountains, you will find yourself inspired at Hiwassee College. Inspired to become more, to achieve greatness, and to fulfill dreams. At Hiwassee College, you will experience real life, authentic community, and adventure around every corner. Here, you will discover a college that values education, excellence, individuality, authenticity, faith, and relationships.

Real Life.

Hiwassee College is a place where learning comes in the classroom, but more importantly, it comes from real-world experience. You may be surprised how little you see the desk in front of you. Learning is more than hands-on. It’s real life.


We believe in the community here. This is a place where you will find lifetime relationships not only with your peers but even your instructors. Many of our students and professors have similar goals, beliefs, and hobbies, creating friendships that go beyond the classroom.


With every corner you turn, you will find adventure. Athletics your thing? We’ve got almost every sport available and are always looking for talented new athletes. More the outdoorsy type? Here, you may find yourself rafting down a river of rapids, hiking a challenging trail, or simply taking in the majesty of the beautiful countryside. Hiwassee College is a college with a rich heritage in education, a strong community, a foundation of faith, and an unbridled spirit of adventure. Learning is different here. It’s founded on faith and forged in excellence.

Advantages of Attending Hiwassee College – a Small Liberal Arts College

Hiwassee College as a small, liberal arts college provides students with opportunities for developing leadership skills as early as the freshman year. Students have opportunities for expressing themselves through music, theatre, sports, creative writing, clubs, and organizations, all while expanding their level of self-confidence in what they can become. Students will have more opportunity for one-on-one contact with professors and with academic advisers who can help students plot their course through their academic career. Students are frequently in classes taught by their academic advisers giving them ample opportunities to ask questions about academic matters. Hiwassee College professors are totally responsible for the evaluation of student progress in the coursework. Since Hiwassee does not offer graduate programs, as in larger colleges, teaching assistants are not used for teaching or scoring assignments. Rather, professors take the time to carefully prepare engaging learning materials, read student work, offer detailed comments, and give constructive feedback to students. Limited class size makes it possible for professors to assign and evaluate more written work and projects, thus giving students ample opportunities to develop the critical thinking and communication skills necessary to be successful in today’s changing world. At Hiwassee, teaching is the primary focus of the faculty. Student learning and student success are what we value most. Students will rarely be in a class with more than 25 students – most will be in classes of less than 20 students. This environment affords greater opportunity to actively participate in discussions and has direct interaction with the professors. Eight-five to ninety percent of all classes are taught by full-time faculty members.


We take pride in the athletic program at Hiwassee College, and a majority of our students are involved in team or intramural sports. We recruit students from all over to be a part of a variety of men’s and women’s sports including baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, volleyball, equestrian, bass fishing, shooting sports, and rodeo. For many athletes desiring to continue playing sports after high school, Hiwassee College provides the perfect opportunity to join our athletic program. We offer many scholarships to talented athletes across the country. Come be part of our team at Hiwassee College and “Go Tigers!”



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