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Welcome to Bay State School of Technology

Bay State School of Technology (BSST), Inc. is one of the region’s leading technical training schools, preparing men and women for a variety of exciting hands-on careers, from electrical work to appliance repair. At BSST, we believe in a personalized approach to instruction. Our classes are small. Our students learn by doing –what we teach in the morning, we put into practice in our labs in the afternoon. Our instructors have decades of successful industry experience. BSST offers accelerated, comprehensive training in appliances repair and basic electricity; computers; domestic refrigeration, heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC); refrigeration, air conditioning, commercial HVACR, and electronics. We also offer an online course in basic electricity and a one-day Freon recovery seminar followed by an EPA certification test. Whether you are looking for your first job or to re-enter the workforce doing something new, we can have you trained and ready for a rewarding job in less than a year. If you like to work independently, solve problems and help people, a technical career may be for you. Let Bay State School of Technology prepare you to be the best! BSST offers accelerated, comprehensive training with appliances repair and basic electricity courses; computers networking courses; domestic refrigeration courses, (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) HVAC courses; refrigeration, air conditioning, commercial HVACR courses and electronics courses.



Bay State School of Technology,
225 Turnpike St (Route 138),

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