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About Don Quijote's Spanish schools

Don Quijote was established in 1986 as a language travel agency representing Spanish language schools. The company's single-minded dedication to service and quality fueled its rapid growth and we quickly earned a reputation for innovation, personalized service and excellence. In 1989, responding to the growing demand for high-quality Spanish language courses, we began welcoming students to the first don Quijote school, in Salamanca. Since our founding, we have grown to seven company-owned locations in Spain and Latin America and a network of more than 30 partner schools, largely through the recommendation of more than 150,000 satisfied students.

At don Quijote, our watchwords are Quality, Innovation and Partnership. While we continue to lead - in academics, value and innovation - we constantly seek out new ways to take the quality of our courses and our service to our students to the next level.

10 Reasons to Study Spanish with Don Quijote

1. Proven experience

Over more than 30 years we have taught Spanish to more than one million students worldwide. We have witnessed our students progressively gain confidence and proficiency as they apply their new language skills to everyday situations and professional environments. Our proven, hands-on methodology guarantees that you will learn to communicate in Spanish quickly and easily through practice and continuous interaction.

2. A unique learning environment

Our unique learning environment continuously redefines the way Spanish is taught. We prepare you for success by encouraging you to develop your full language potential both inside and outside the classroom.

3. Personalized student approach

We take a personalized and student-centered approach to teaching in which professors and students are actively engaged in the learning experience. You will join a supportive community which values your uniqueness and will guide you as you shape your own language journey.

4. Top facilities

All of our schools are strategically located in historic neighborhoods, easily accessible by public transportation and equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi access, the most modern technology and everything you need to make your learning experience a memorable one.

5. 24-7-365 Learning

Before and after your stay with us, you can connect to our 24-7-365 platform. Now you can start your learning before your arrival or take refresher courses after you leave, with don Quijote’s online school. You will have access to native teachers along with digital textbooks and apps, any day, any time.

6. High-qualiity teaching

Don Quijote is internationally recognized for its high-quality language education. Our faculty is comprised of excellent and experienced academic professionals. What’s more, our teachers are accessible to you. You will have daily interaction with your teachers, who support you with regular feedback and guidance.

7. High official exams pass rate

Our teaching methodology is so unique and effective that almost all of our students pass the official DELE exam. That’s to say, if you study Spanish with us, your success is almost guaranteed!

8. A truly international experience

Share your language journey with friends from around the world. Each year our schools welcome over 25,000 students of all ages from more than 85 countries. Our diverse student body provides for a great international outlook. Meet people from all over the world!

9. 32 distinct cultural experiences

We have carefully selected 32 distinct cultural experiences in 13 Spanish-speaking countries that will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. From Spain to Latin America, choose the cultural immersion that best suits you.

10. 100% Satisfaction

We’re proud of the fact that more students come to us through personal referrals than through any other source and that 35% of our students come back to study with us again!

We love welcoming back our students.



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08029 Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain