The American College in Spain


Opening Doors to a Brighter Future

Start a university career in Marbella, transfer to the US and obtain a degree from an accredited American university.

Advantages of the American University System

Start a university career in Marbella, transfer to the US and obtain a degree from an accredited American university Attend two years of your degree in Spain and finish in the USA earning a degree from an American university 25 years of experience and more than 12,000 students endorse the success of our programs. The success of the American University System A degree from an American university is a great way to gain access to the workplace. It also increases the possibilities of obtaining a work visa in the USA, giving college graduates the possibility of qualifying for a work visa in the United States. Flexibility and Fluidity The university system of the USA is well known for its flexibility in many aspects. One of the most important points is that it allows students to complete the first 2 years of studies before having to declare their major. This system, known as 2 + 2, is a distinctive academic element because it allows students to begin the first two years of General Education courses giving them time to decide their career. The American College in Spain follows the same model: students begin their first two years of studies in Marbella, and transfer to North America where they will concentrate in their area of specialization and obtain a degree. This process has an added advantage because it helps students gradually adapt to the American language, style of learning, and culture, but with a lower financial strain on the families.

The Prestige of an American Degree

The American College in Spain (ACS) is the first North American University in Andalusia. Located in the town of Marbella (Málaga), the American College in Spain offers a curriculum based on the U.S. university system. Students can begin in Spain their first two years of studies by completing their general education courses required by all U.S. universities. After completion of these two years, students are transferred to a North American university (the USA or any other university in Europe that offers the North American university system) where they can complete their degree: BA (Bachelor of Arts), BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) or BSc (Bachelor of Science).

  • Over 12,000 former students from almost 40 different nationalities have trusted in our program.

In the North American system, the students need to complete a series of general education courses during the first two years of their studies, in a wide range of disciplines, before they settle into their definitive college degree. The USA study plan is based on a modular system known as credits, and the students are evaluated through a system of “continuous evaluation,” which allows them to know what their academic performance is at all times. After completing the first two years (or four semesters) and their corresponding credits, students will be able to transfer to a U.S. university from where they will complete their degree. This is known as the University Transfer Program, or 2+2. The prestige of having studied at an American university in order to gain access to the international labor market and the possibilities of obtaining further work visas in the USA are advantages that rise increasingly among international students every day. The USA occupies the top spot as the chosen destination for college students and the American universities are regarded as being the best in the world. The American College in Spain facilitates access to the American university system and centers its objectives en providing its students with an education of the highest level in a setting that promotes critical thinking as a fundamental pillar of its foundation.

The Marbella Campus

The facilities of the American College in Spain are located in Marbella (Málaga) in the residential zone of Sierra Blanca, in the heart of the Milla de Oro of the Costa del Sol. Marbella is known for being one of the most beautiful cosmopolitan destinations in Europe. It is located on the banks of the Mediterranean and backs up along the mountains, which guarantees that the residents will enjoy a stable climate year-round. It is located less than an hour away from the train station and from the Málaga airport, which provides residents with access to the majority of the European capitals. Our campus has classrooms equipped with the latest technological advances, and are designed for smaller groups, allowing a personal teaching experience and constant supervision for the students by the faculty. The principal objective of ACS is to provide its students with the best academic, intellectual, and social preparation so that they can integrate themselves into the American university system and by so doing obtain their desired degree. This, in turn, will allow them to develop a full life as competent and committed members of the global society.


The American College in Spain helps its students and their families to arrange different housing options, especially for those who are not residents of the Costa del Sol. The administration department and the student assistance service of our campus can help in the search and rent of apartments, renting homes from families in the area, or staying in hotels in the region.

Sports and Activities

Thanks to an agreement between ACS and the Manolo Santana Racquets Club, students can practice and play a variety of different sporting activities, including tennis, racquetball, general fitness, swimming, and martial arts. The club, whose founder is Manolo Santana, former Wimbledon, US Open, and Rolland Garros champion, has 6 tennis courts, 4 racquetball courts, a fitness center, a gymnasium, an aerobic arena, a pool, and a restaurant/café.



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