Eurotech Flight School


The target of Eurotech flight school is the achievement of private helicopter license (PPL (H) in accordance with JAR-FCL. The license enables the student to act as a private pilot on single-engine helicopters, in non-commercial flights.

Flight training

As expected from JAR-FCL 2.125, for the achievement of the PPL (H) it is required at least 45 hours of flight, 29 of which are dual-control and the other as a soloist. The hours will be booked 1 or 2 days in advance, with the possibility of flying during holidays weather permitting.The commercial course CPL (H), that follows the PPL(H) includes 35 hours of flight time with an instructor and dedicated classes. Helicopters used for training: Robinson R22 Beta / Beta II Flights 7 days out of 7 including holidays.

Theory course

The course consists of approximately 100 hours of theory, distributed in the following areas: air law; aircraft general knowledge, performance and planning, human performance and its limitations; meteorology, navigation, operational procedures, principles of flight.The Organisation shall provide each student all the books needed for the course.

Frequency and duration

To be arranged according to the needs of the trainees. Generally 2/3 hours one evening a week. Specific lessons at the end of the program for the preparation of exam quiz. There are also test flights of 20 minutes.

A Modern and Efficient Company

Eurotech was founded in 1995 by Roberto Grazioli, helicopter pilot and engineer well known and appreciated all around Italy and abroad. Eurotech started as a helicopter service company certified JAR 145 (today is PART 145). Due to the rapid business expansion, in 1998, Eurotech moved to Caiolo in Lombardy (province of Sondrio) in a new building built specifically to meet the needs of a modern company of helicopter maintenance. The base now has a total of 2,000 sqm of offices and hangars, a helicopter landing site of over 5000 square meters with a plant for the supply of aviation gasoline and kerosene and employs more than 30 professionals and technicians.



Via Valeriana, 8, Caiolo, Sondrio
23010 Caiolo, Lombardy, Italy