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Real World Learning for a Better Future

Akatem Learning provides learning for future designers who want to change their world and know that design can be a powerful force for good.

We believe in learning by doing; unlike other schools, we don't ask you to sit in a classroom learning theory for 10 weeks; becoming proficient takes more than just classroom learning.

During our courses, you’ll apply the skills you learn to real-life projects so you gain practical experience solving problems that matter to people. When you learn with us, we’ll not only give you a solid education in design, but also insight into the way that your clients think.

Learning in the heart of design. Finland.

Finland is renown for its design heritage and its care for the community, so it’s an amazing place to launch your brilliant career in design and start making a difference to your world! All of our courses are presented in English to ensure maximum accessibility for learners from around the globe.

Practitioners, not just teachers

Our instructors don’t merely teach theory; each and everyone has extensive experience in their profession both in Finland and overseas and are active practitioners rather than merely full-time teachers. Our focus is always on practical capability rather than theory so that you finish your course with the ability to work in the real world.

The Business of Design

Design never happens in a vacuum; providing you with a practical design education means teaching you how the business of design works. By the time you’ve completed your course, you’ll understand how designers interact with developers, managers, and other organizational personnel and how design affects process and risk.


More than a course

When you attend an Akatem Learning course, you get more than a seat in a classroom; working on real-life projects means that you have the chance to build your portfolio from day one and work on solving problems both in teams and on your own. You’ll also learn how to communicate design decisions to business people and non-designers

Build your career

A professional learning course should help advance your career. Network with people in the industry during our extra-curricular events and workshops and get access to free career building advice to help you position your portfolio, build a stunning resume, build your professional brand and blitz the interview! And when you are working, stay part of the Akatem community through free invites to our ongoing workshops and networking evenings.

A range of learning options

You shouldn't have to go to University to get a great education. Akatem Learning offers a range of course formats for learners who want to learn full-time, part-time, in the evenings or even on weekends. Why shouldn’t your learning fit around your life?

Accessible learning

Your dreams of making a difference shouldn’t be deterred by the cost of higher learning. We offer select students access to the Akatem Foundation programme; an initiative designed to provide disadvantaged candidates access to our courses for reduced costs or full scholarships. Enquire now for more information.



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