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Business Academy Aarhus develops and offers practice-orientated higher education programmes. With more than 4,500 full-time students, 3,400 part-time students and about 400 employees we are one of the largest business academies in Denmark.

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Business Academy Aarhus is a University of Applied Sciences.

In several European countries, this is an English-language term for institutions of higher education. The degree programmes we offer a focus on applied degrees, especially in technology, IT and business.

Like universities, we provide both undergraduate programmes and can grant academic degrees, but we do not award master or doctoral degrees.

In addition to this, we also offer continuing education and part-time programmes at bachelor’s level and short-term courses for people who need to strengthen their qualifications on the job (only in Danish).

Our programmes combine theory with practice.

We prioritise tuition in small teams, group work, project work, cooperation with trade and industry, realistic cases and compulsory internships. We have about 900 international students, and every year more than 300 of our students go abroad for part of their programmes.

Developing and completing programmes must create value for students and companies alike. With this in mind, we make a dedicated effort to apply our qualifications in relation to specific innovation and development projects in a joint effort with partnership companies.

Several years of experience with higher education

Business Academy Aarhus was founded on 1 January 2009. It was created as a merger between higher education programmes from the Aarhus Business College, Aarhus Tech and JU (the agricultural school). Some of our programmes today are offered in cooperation with the Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering.

A flexible pathway to higher education

Choosing a programme is a major life decision, and finding out which programme is right for you is not always easy.

At Business Academy Aarhus, University of Applied Sciences, we offer both Academy Profession degree programmes (AP degree) and Bachelor's degree programmes. An AP degree programme corresponds to the first two years of a Bachelor's programme. The programme provides qualifications in itself but may also be a dynamic way to get a longer education. Therefore you have the option to enter work life directly after your final exams, or you can continue your studies with a Bachelor’s degree on one of our top-up programmes or at another institution in Denmark or abroad.

Studying at the Academy

When you embark on a higher education programme, you also accept that you are responsible for your own learning. Our experience is that you learn most when you are actively involved in the teaching. We provide you with the opportunity to become actively involved through small classes of around 30 students and through project work and case studies, which are significant elements in all programmes.

All of our programmes are closely linked to the industry. We, therefore, combine theory and practice and mainly teach the parts of the theory which you can later use in your working life to solve practical problems. Company visits and guest lectures are therefore an important part of all of our programmes and projects, and final exam projects are usually based on practical problems in specific companies. There are around 18-25 hours of tuition a week. The number of tuition hours varies from week to week and from programme to programme.

Your Career Starts with your Education

No matter whether you are looking for an internship or your first job after graduation, Business Academy Aarhus’s Career Centre can provide you with the inspiration, tools and assistance you need. As an Academy student, you can participate in various courses and workshops such as help for applications, CVs and job interviews. We also provide individual assistance and advice.

An International Environment

Most of Business Academy Aarhus’s programmes are offered in both Danish and English. As a student at the Academy, you will, therefore, be part of an international environment. We have around 1000 international students from many places around the world. If you choose one of the programmes taught in English, you will study with students from different countries and the tuition and the exams are in English. Internationalisation not only takes place in the classrooms but also in the many social activities we offer.

A World of Opportunities

Getting a good job after graduation is the goal of most of the academy’s students. Some students, however, choose to study further and combine work with a part-time course and some choose to continue their education full-time in Denmark or abroad at one of the many educational institutions which we have course recognition agreements with. You can read more about a job and further education opportunities under the descriptions of each programme.

Prepare the Future for your Internship

As a student at Business Academy Aarhus, you will take part in a compulsory internship where you will be able to use your knowledge in practice. This 2-10 month internship (typically 3-5 months) will give you a chance to experience:

Relevant real-life learning in a company

  • Networking and experience that may lead to a future job
  • Working in an international company

Each year Business Academy Aarhus cooperates with more than 800 companies in Denmark and abroad, for example Carlsberg, Ikea, Nordea Bank, Novo Nordisk and Porsche USA.

Internship Abroad

You can choose to take your internship anywhere in the world, and within Europe, you can get an Erasmus grant to cover the costs involved in taking your internship in a foreign country. At Business Academy Aarhus we cooperate with organisations and companies to help with internships in for example Malaysia, Shanghai, Canada and Tanzania.



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