Bermuda College


Bermuda College is a community college dedicated to offering the highest standards of academic and professional excellence, based not so much on one's background entering - but on what one has been able to achieve upon graduation. It is one of the few community colleges of its size in the Western hemisphere that boasts a virtual campus with wireless coverage available campus-wide!

The College was created by the Parliament of Bermuda through the passage of the Bermuda College Act in 1974 with the amalgamation of three flourishing institutions: the Bermuda Technical Institute established in 1956, the Bermuda Hotel and Catering College (1965), and the Academic Sixth Form Centre (1967).

Vision Statement

Bermuda College will be recognised locally and internationally as a centre for educational excellence, as it responds to the diverse needs of the community through innovative, quality teaching and research that enables students to enrich their lives intellectually, economically, socially, and culturally.

Mission Statement

Bermuda College, the only tertiary level institution in Bermuda, is committed to setting Bermuda’s students on the paths to success through the provision of comprehensive academic and technical education, along with professional training, personal and academic support services, quality facilities, and interactive partnerships with local and international entities.

Core Values

Commitment to Students

  • Anticipate student needs
  • Maintain viable programmes that transfer to university and/or equip students to be successful in the workplace
  • Strive toward student satisfaction and retention
  • Value and empathise with our students, and be aware of what it took for them to get to this point
  • Involve alumni

Quality Teaching

  • Stimulate students
  • Create a vibrant, inclusive, educational environment
  • Include creativity in the classroom
  • Develop strategies to deal with various learning styles
  • Add value to each student that comes to our College
  • Demonstrate timeliness in record keeping

Commitment to Employees

  • Provide adequate resources
  • Value each employee’s job as a meaningful part of the whole
  • Provide job security
  • Promote balance between work and family commitments
  • Develop health, wellness and social activities

Respect, Recognition and Being Valued

  • Involve all stake-holders in decisions that affect their areas
  • Allow employees to decide a course of action in their area of expertise
  • Recognise employees for doing the right thing, and reward them accordingly
  • Support co-workers and promote each other to students and the public

Commitment to High Standards

  • Make a commitment to outstanding work and quality results
  • Perform work that adds value and meets set goals
  • Show pride in work
  • Ensure that all areas function effectively and efficiently
  • Monitor programmes, service and business structure to keep them current
  • Apply standards consistently

Stability, Security and Safety

  • Use public relations as a tool to market the institution
  • Create a viable organization
  • Create a safe campus environment
  • Create a progressively dynamic work environment
  • Establish clear written procedures and job descriptions
  • Provide training for employees on standard operating procedures
  • Respect and allow freedom of speech
  • Develop well-defined succession plans for each department

Responsibility and Accountability

  • Demonstrate commitment to internal and external stakeholders
  • Commit to fairness and equity
  • Be committed to carrying out our jobs
  • Hold each other accountable for maintaining our Core Values




Bermuda College
21 Stonington Avenue, South Road, Paget PG 04
P.O. Box HM 2718

HM LX Hamilton, Pembroke Parish, Bermuda