Ghent University - Faculty of Bioscience Engineering


The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering within Ghent University is a European research leader in the field of applied biological and life sciences or bioengineering.

We educate generations of scientists in leading-edge research and high impact work with governments and communities, industry and NGOs, to support innovation and sustainability in life sciences while managing and protecting natural and man-made ecosystems.

Excellence in Research-Driven Education

Leading faculty in Europe in international education programs related to life sciences, biological, physical and chemical sciences, with more than 40 years of experience in international cooperation.

2,800 Students

  • 1,000 Bioscience Engineering students
  • 680 Engineering Technology students
  • More than 400 international students

1,200 Employees

  • 150 professors
  • 1,000 academics

4 Campuses

  • Campus Coupure (Gent, Belgium)
  • Campus Schoonmeersen (Gent, Belgium)
  • Campus Kortrijk (Kortrijk, Belgium)
  • Ghent University-Global Campus (Incheon, South Korea)



8 Departments

  • Environment
  • Plants and crops
  • Animal sciences and aquatic ecology
  • Food technology, safety and health
  • Green chemistry and technology
  • Biotechnology
  • Data analysis and mathematical modelling
  • Agricultural economics

regenerative reliquary, amy karle, stem cellMikali / Pixabay



Sint-Pietersnieuwstraat 25
9000 Ghent, Flanders, Belgium

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