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TU Dortmund University

TU Dortmund University

TU Dortmund University


Just 52 years old, TU Dortmund University is a young university whose profile is characterized by the unique interaction between natural/engineering sciences and social sciences/cultural studies. For scientists, TU Dortmund University is an attractive location where top-class research is conducted. In teaching too, TU Dortmund University has a lot to offer: The around 80 Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs form a convincing portfolio of innovative and interdisciplinary subjects. In addition, at TU Dortmund University students are trained in 30 subjects for teaching at all types of schools.

A University with a Unique Profile

Since its founding 52 years ago, TU Dortmund University has developed a special profile encompassing 17 departments ranging from science and engineering to social sciences and cultural studies. The university has about 32,443 students and 6,700 employees, including 300 professors.

TU Dortmund University has a strong focus on research. The university’s disciplines, e.g. mechanical engineering with its emphasis on production and logistics, physics, biochemical- and chemical engineering, statistics and computer science, as well as education research, are well known for their outstanding research achievements both nationally and internationally.

Students at TU Dortmund University can choose from classical subjects and innovative courses of study such as medical physics or degree programs in spatial planning, statistics, and journalism. A particular focus is on teacher training. As one of only a few universities in Germany, TU Dortmund University offers professional teaching qualifications for all types of schools.

TU Dortmund University attaches great importance to social and sustainable development – values to which it is strongly committed. As one of the largest employers in Dortmund, the university promotes the development and health of its members and supports good working conditions and equal opportunities.

TU Dortmund University is driving forward the transformation of the city and the Ruhr area into a high-tech and service location and cultural metropolis. In the immediate vicinity of the campus, the TechnologieZentrumDortmund promotes the economic application of ideas from science. The lively exchange with neighbors in the region, but also with partners in Europe and around the world, is a special enrichment for students, scientists, and all employees.

Of particular importance for the development of the region is the University Alliance Ruhr (UA Ruhr), in which TU Dortmund University, the University of Duisburg-Essen, and Ruhr-University Bochum joined forces ten years ago. 120,000 students and 1,200 professors – even these few statistics indicate the new size created by the alliance. Since the founding of the UA Ruhr, the Ruhr area has developed into one of the strongest science regions in Germany.


Research and teaching at TU Dortmund University are framed by its individual organizational units. These include, among other things, the university management, the departments and scientific institutes, the central administration, the university library as well as numerous other service departments. TU Dortmund University's German-language website offers a comprehensive overview of all its entities.

Research at TU Dortmund University

More than 2,100 scientists from TU Dortmund University successfully develop technological innovations and achieve important advances in methods and knowledge. Acclaimed researchers in outstanding individual and collaborative projects attest to the strength of research in Dortmund.

Research at TU Dortmund University is particularly visible nationally and internationally in four profile areas:

  • From Elementary Particles to Products Along Value Added Networks
  • Innovations for Sustainability and Health
  • Data, Models, and Simulations to Shape Our Future
  • Educational and Labor Worlds of Tomorrow
  • Society and Transformational Processes in the 21st Century

Large collaborative and outstanding research projects stand for the research achievements of TU Dortmund University.

A core concern of TU Dortmund University is to promote young scientists – for example through a graduate center and the alliance with the Research Academy Ruhr.

TU Dortmund University – International

At the higher education level, TU Dortmund University cooperates in many different ways with other universities around the world. Its focus on the United States, which involves excellent relations with universities on-site as well as numerous student exchange opportunities, is unique in North Rhine-Westphalia. As part of the University Alliance Ruhr, TU Dortmund University operates joint liaison offices in New York and Moscow. This is where research contacts are developed and joint study and teaching projects are supported.

The International Office at TU Dortmund University is responsible for fostering international relations. With a portfolio including support and advice along with events and information, it supports mobility from all over the world and out into the world – for students as well as for teaching and other staff. Built as a central forum for dialog on campus, the IBZ facilitates contact between international students as well as global companies.


  • 32,443 students
  • 6,700 employees
  • 300 professors

    Campus Features

    The North Campus with its main cafeteria, central library, and main auditorium forms the heart of TU Dortmund University. Most of the lecture halls and seminar rooms are located here. Another smaller campus is located further south. The H-Bahn connects the two campuses and runs every five minutes.

    Between classes, students can eat something in the cafeterias or simply go for a cup of coffee together.

    Numerous study locations are available on campus for preparing for exams or writing term papers. As a balance to studying, students can choose from a wide range of leisure activities at TU Dortmund University: For example, in university sports – there is a suitable course for everyone.


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