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St Nicholas Montessori College


Why Choose St. Nicholas Montessori

We have been preparing Ireland's leading Montessori teachers and early years practitioners since 1970. We are accredited by QQI and we are a founder member of the Irish Montessori Education Board (IMEB) and of the Higher Education College Association (HECA). But more importantly:

Co-located Montessori School and College

St. Nicholas Montessori College is the only initial teacher education provider which has its own school. Students have unparalleled access to real and lively early years and primary setting.

Study in Dublin's best seaside town

Studying in the heart of Dun Laoghaire, St. Nicholas students are embedded in the ideal mix of beautiful coastline, cafe culture, warm and welcoming community and some of the best pubs in Ireland. And all so easy to access via DART, bus or car.

History of SMSI

St Nicholas Montessori College Ireland traces its origins to the late 1940s when Dr Maria Montessori gave permission to two English women, Margaret Homfray and Phoebe Child, to set up a training centre to teach the Montessori Method in London. This was the first St Nicholas College, and many Irish people completed courses there. In 1970 the St Nicholas Montessori Society of Ireland was founded by Sighle Fitzgerald and a group of like-minded educators. The Irish society ran workshops and evening courses in association with the London training centre for many years in locations throughout Ireland ensuring the further spread of the Montessori Method.

In 1980 the College’s present home, St Nicholas House in Dun Laoghaire was bought, and St Nicholas Montessori School opened its doors. Peggy McClatchie was the first teacher, and Sighle Fitzgerald was Principal and Director of the College. In 1984 the College began delivery of its first course, a two-year diploma course awarded by the London centre.


In 1994, the College was granted designated status by Ireland’s National Council for Educational Awards (NCEA), the state-approved body for higher education. This enabled the College to design and develop its own higher education diploma and degree programmes in Montessori education in line with national and international standards, providing comprehensive training and career opportunities for its learners.

Throughout the 1990s, the College sought and secured state approval for a three-year national diploma, a one-year follow-on degree programme, and a higher diploma programme for those already holding an undergraduate degree. These programmes have continued to evolve to reflect developments and best practice in educational methodologies, while at all times complying with changes in national and international educational frameworks.

Today the College is Ireland’s leading provider of Montessori and Early Years professionals and unique in that the Level 8 BA Hons in Montessori Education programme enables graduates to register under Route 4 with the Teaching Council of Ireland. As a result, there are many hundreds of St. Nicholas graduates working throughout the National school system in Ireland.



  • Dún Laoghaire

    Dún Laoghaire, Ireland