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The hometown of poetry fairy, a famous city of science and technology, gave birth to the pearl of higher vocational education in Bashu; at the foot of Fule Mountain, beside the Furong River, there is a holy place for reading and craftsmanship.绵阳职业技术学院is a comprehensive higher vocational college sponsored by the Mianyang Municipal People's Government and one of the 100 national demonstration higher vocational colleges in the country. In 2001, with the approval of the Sichuan Provincial People's Government,绵阳职业技术学院was established on the basis of the original Sichuan Building Materials Industry School. The history of the school can be traced back to the Jiangsu Suqian Glass Vocational School established in 1933. The school changed its location several times and changed its name several times. It has experienced Jiangsu Suqian Glass Vocational School, Sichuan Jiangjin Ceramics Technical School, Chongqing Construction engineering school, Sichuan non-metallic mine part-time and part-time technical school, Sichuan building materials industry school and other development stages. It has successively won the national advanced unit of vocational education, the best civilized unit in Sichuan Province, the advanced unit in the employment of college graduates in Sichuan Province, the advanced collective of the poverty-stricken counties in Yi District in the Tibetan area of Sichuan Province, and the construction of China's science and technology city in Mianyang City and a strong modern city in the west The honors of advanced collectives and advanced collectives for building a strong talent city in the west have been listed as the first batch of high-end technical skills undergraduate education pilot colleges in Sichuan Province, the first batch of modern apprenticeship pilot colleges in Sichuan Province, and the comprehensive innovation reform pilot colleges in Sichuan Province.

The school covers an area of nearly 495,000 square meters, with a school building area of 341,000 square meters and a total fixed asset value of 630 million yuan, including 15,000 sets (sets) of teaching experiment and training equipment, 55,000 teaching computers, and library paper There are 943,000 books and 612,000 e-books. There are 10 teaching colleges (departments) including Information Engineering Department, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department, Materials Engineering Department, Computer Science Department, Architectural Engineering Department, Management Engineering Department, Art Design Department, Humanities Department, Marxism College, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training College. , And cooperated with Jinjialin Headquarters Economic Pilot Zone to build a secondary industrial college "China (Mianyang) Science and Technology City Software College". Established 2 undergraduate majors and 40 junior college majors, covering 13 major categories and 30 professional fields such as intelligent manufacturing and e-commerce. There are existing students in higher vocational, secondary vocational, applied undergraduate, and international students along the "Belt and Road". More than 12,000 people.


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