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Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen


Justus-Liebig-University celebrated its 400th anniversary in 2007. The University took these celebrations as an opportunity to emphasize its individual subject profile, display its strengths, and present its top-level research initiatives.

The overwhelming success of JLU in the excellence initiative conducted on both state and federal levels proves that the University is ready to face whatever the future may bring. The first of the final rounds of selection within the framework of the excellence initiative, in October 2006, saw JLU outstrip strong competition with two of its projects, the "Cardiopulmonary System" excellence cluster and the "International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture". JLU is thus one of the top-ranking institutions among those competing across the country.

Research and Teaching

JLU combines a broad and interdisciplinary spectrum of research and teaching in the areas of law, economics and business studies, the natural sciences, and the humanities with a range of sub-disciplines that is unique for Germany.

Concept of Equality

JLU is among those German universities with the highest proportion of women students. The University sees this as both a chance and a challenge – to energetically promote an equal-opportunity policy and the lasting integration of women in the knowledge system.

The University in the Region

Giessen is situated in a very picturesque part of Central Hesse and provides a broad range of cultural attractions – especially for students.

Giessen and its surroundings offer a variety of leisure activities – be it water-skiing on one of the many lakes in the vicinity, rowing and canoeing on the Lahn, sightseeing at one of the several castles in the region, or undertaking extended excursions to the nature reserves and recreational areas of the nearby Vogelsberg and Wetterau. Giessen’s cinemas, theatres, clubs, and museums round out the cultural profile of the city.

The City of Giessen

With its 78,500 inhabitants and 39,000 students, Giessen boasts the highest student density of all German towns and cities – a fact reflected in its cultural life. Its picturesque location in the Lahn valley and the surrounding hill country provide for excellent leisure-time value.


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