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Joviat Culinary Arts Academy

Joviat Culinary Arts Academy

Joviat Culinary Arts Academy


Joviat is an educational institution founded in 1960 in Manresa, the heart of Catalunya. A regional center, open to the world, aware and responsible. In 1960 Josep Vilaseca Atset began to realize his dream: opening his school to educate and teach people. The founding spirit of Joviat was to encourage and pursue your dreams! Since then, thousands of students have built their future opportunities here.

Joviat is a school for professional training and upper secondary education, with more than 2.000 students spanning the fields of Health Care, Food and Nutrition, Sports, and Nature. It is a school that grows and develops with its environment, linked to its business, social and cultural network. Joviat Culinary Arts Academy was set up in 1987 as a pioneering center for hotel & catering studies in Central Catalunya, with more than 2,500 students in its history, enjoying high repute and an important impact of international scope. Adaptation to new times has marked our history; influenced by the French Cuisine, the new culinary trends, signature and creative cuisine, tradition, and local specialties. Values: respect, confidence, and a love for people, the profession, and the product. DNA: originality and innovation, leadership and cooperation.

Cat VT Prize for the best innovative practices in Catalunya for:

  • Innovation, projection, and consolidation
  • Participation and inclusion
  • Good practices, networking, and transverse interaction between professional fields
  • Continuous and occupational training
  • Impact on the region and the productive fabric
  • First advanced professional training center linked to the UManresa UVic-UCC University

Jordi Vilaseca

Jordi Vilaseca is a teacher, and pedagogue, trained at the ESADE Business School with a General Management and Strategy Program and a master’s degree in Systematic Pedagogy.

Trainer, facilitator, and speaker in emotional education, motivation, leadership, and processes of personal growth and entrepreneurship at a national and international level. Also, promote new projects at the service of the new generations and the community towards the common good.

Academic of the prestigious Catalan Academy of Gastronomy and Nutrition, member of the Brotherhood of the Mare de Deu de l’Olivera, and honorary member of the Cofradia Gastronomica del Agua.

In 2015 he published the book “La força d’una escola de Vida. An Educational Project from a Systemic Perspective”.
Joviat Hoteleria

Joviat Hoteleria

Joviat Hoteleria was set up in 1987 as a pioneering center for hospitality and culinary studies in Central Catalunya, with more than 2,500 students in its history, enjoying high repute and an important impact of international scope.

Educational Project

Past, present and future. A constantly developing forward movement, a re-evolution in all senses.

Strong points of the project: Roots, Well-being, Leadership, Cooperation, Expression, Knowledge, and Community. All of these bring us closer to learning about this profession and enjoying a cuisine and a service that is genuine, modern, and local. This is gastronomy that satisfies the senses, presented with creativity in transforming projects and taking on new technologies that open up a new world full of possibilities for us.

We prepare ourselves to go out into the world knowing WHO WE ARE, with presence and originality, with authenticity and dignity in gastronomy.

Where is Joviat?

Manresa, Catalunya

Manresa, the capital of the Bages district, is a city with eleven hundred years of history. Commercial, cultural, and with a university, significant industrial and technological activity, it is a dynamic and transforming city.

The school is located in the Central Catalunya Global Geopark, declared of global interest by Unesco, at the foot of the Montserrat mountains, 60 km from Barcelona. The Bages district has a rich and extensive heritage, based on the land, history, and nature.


With constant updates, Catalan cuisine, leads the international avant-garde culinary world, while keeping its cultural and traditional roots.


  • Manresa

    Folch i Torres 5-13 Manresa, Barcelona, 08241 , Manresa

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      Barcelona, Spain

      • Girona

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