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EIT Digital Summer School

EIT Digital Summer School

EIT Digital Summer School


Join the brightest minds and learn how to develop tech business ideas that can get off the ground!

Summer School Designed for Success

Learn from the faculty and staff of our top tech EU partner universities. Gain hands-on experience through company cases, project work and collaboration. Competitively priced tuition. Have fun meeting and networking with like-minded students from around the world!

  • 2 Weeks of intensive workshops
  • 5 Areas of deep-tech topics
  • 4 ECTS credits for your final report
  • 10 Amazing programmes

Our Summer Schools are open for master students, young professionals and PhD students and others who want to deep-dive in emerging digital technologies, learn how to turn technology into business and eventually launch deep-tech startups.

10 Summer Programmes in Digital Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Data, Visualisation and Connectivity For Healthcare

Coventry, London, United Kingdom

Disrupting Finance with Digital Technologies

Madrid, Spain

E-Health: Personalised Prevention

Tallinn, Estonia

Solutions for Healthier Digital Cities

Rennes, France

Digital Transformation for Organisational Resilience

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Digital Platforms for Smart Cities

Helsinki, Finland

IoT Platforms for Industry 4.0

Munich, Germany

Digital Interactive Smart Spaces

Milan/Lake Como, Italy

Artificial Intelligence in Financial Services

Budapest, Hungary

Cyber Security In E-Governance

Tallinn, Estonia

Get insights in the latest digital technology innovation and business development this summer!

Learning by doing and grow your network

As a participant in the Summer School you will work in teams and apply “learning by doing” to develop a mindset and skills for innovation and entrepreneurship. We hope you will take this great opportunity to learn and network with students and professional intrapreneurs from the business and innovation community.

  • Get the competence
    • Learn how disruptive technologies have an impact on markets and businesses, and how business models are changing.
  • Get the confidence
    • Learn the different stages of the business development process and how to turn a business idea into a viable go-to-market proposal.
  • Get the soft skills
    • Teamwork with peers and multidisciplinary professionals, tools and real business challenges will help you implement your learnings and bring them home to your own business.


How to apply

To qualify for admission, applicants need to submit a completed application form and fulfil the admission requirements:

  1. Academic qualification - post-secondary education (bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctoral degree). Undergraduate students still studying must have completed at least one academic year of their bachelor’s degree programme and have at least one year of work or internship experience.
  2. English language proficiency (English language proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS, successful completion of previous education in English, completion of ESL programme, completion of other English language courses, etc.).
  3. Submit a Curriculum Vitae
  4. Submit a copy of the photo page of the passport or ID

When your application is accepted, you will be invoiced according to your Summer School fee category.

Connect with us to learn how EIT Digital Summer School education could be the right fit for you. We are here to make applying as simple and convenient as possible.

NOTICE: Summer School is mandatory for EIT Digital Master School students, between first and second year of their studies. EIT Digital Master School students don't pay Summer School tuition fees if attending for the very first time as stated above. Students who are applying to EIT Digital Master School don't need to inquire or apply to Summer School programmes until they have started their studies. At that point, internal communication is sent to all Master School students, along with a separate Summer School programmes application form.


  • London

    London, United Kingdom

    • Helsinki

      Helsinki, Finland

      • Munich

        Munich, Germany

        • Milan

          Milan, Italy

          • Budapest

            Budapest, Hungary

            • Lesbos Prefecture

              Lesbos Prefecture, Greece

              • Braga

                Braga, Portugal

                • Nice

                  Nice, France

                  • Glasgow

                    Glasgow, United Kingdom

                    • Syros

                      Syros, Greece

                      • Riga

                        Riga, Latvia

                        • Liepāja

                          Liepāja, Latvia

                          • Palermo

                            Palermo, Italy