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Centennial College Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance
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Aviation Technician - Aircraft Maintenance

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Aviation Technician- Aircraft Maintenance Diploma

Aviation Technician

At Centennial College, the Aviation Technician- Aircraft Maintenance diploma offers skills related to aircraft inspection and maintenance. Most of the education is in a hands on environment where skills learned can be used in electrical and mechanical aircraft maintenance, at power plant structures, and with electronic applications.

All teachers have years of experience and a high level of technical expertise that allows students the opportunity to become efficient aviation technicians, as well as in other repair and manufacturing industries. This program is also affiliated with the Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Association.

Courses taken with the Aviation Technician diploma include:

  • Piston Engines and Propellers
  • Turbine Engines, Aircraft Hydraulics
  • Aircraft Inspection
  • Electrical Fundamentals
  • Tools, Materials and Processes

A large portion of this School of Transportation offering will emphasize aviation maintenance practices, procedures and Canadian aviation regulation requirements through hands-on practice in labs at Ashtonbee Campus’ airplane hangar.

Companies eager to hire those from the Aviation Technician program include airline operators such as Air Canada, manufacturers such as Bombardier, and the military.


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