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Courses Programs in Natural Sciences Mathematics Applied Mathematics

For secondary education graduates who want to enrich their career possibilities or take on new trades and interests, many schools offer standalone courses that provide intensive study in a specific subject. Such courses can be found locally or online and range from a couple weeks to several months in duration.

What are courses in applied mathematics? As the name suggests, these courses cover the use of higher mathematics in scientific and technical fields. Ranging from calculus and linear algebra to statistics and probability, students can engage with mathematical concepts as valuable tools for the life, social and physical sciences, as well as the methods of applying them. Courses typically focus on either a particular field of science or engineering or a given mathematical subject, such as differential equations or information theory.

Students who take courses in applied mathematics can develop analytical and research prowess valuable to STEM fields and employers, as well as a practical perspective that bridges theoretical work to the real world. Many courses also build experience with computational tools and programming languages designed for aiding mathematics.

Many schools offer programs for courses in applied mathematics, but the expected costs of registration and tuition, as well as duration of courses, varies from one institution to another. Prior research into potential programs and schools to find such information is recommended.

Courses in applied mathematics vary in the STEM fields they concern, but any of them can prepare students for advanced technical careers. Ordinary and partial differential equations are critical knowledge for engineers and physicists, and information and coding theory form the backbone of most computer scientists’ expertise. Researchers in nearly any field benefit considerably from a strong understanding of statistics and probability models, from sociologists to economists.

Due to their wide applicability, courses in applied mathematics are available at many domestic and international schools, with online or distance-learning programs often provided as well. To learn more, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.