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5 Associate of Arts Programs in Marketing Studies 2024



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Associate of Arts Programs in Marketing Studies

An Associate of Arts in a given subject shows the degree holder has taken enough classes to have a basic knowledge of the subject. An associate degree can often be enough to get you an entry-level job or a competitive internship, though most highly competitive positions will want bachelor’s degree holders and higher.

What is an Associate of Arts in Marketing? A program in marketing will teach student how to use media to sell to consumers and other audiences. These forms of media include radio, print, and television and also newer forms such as social media, mobile, and digital. At the associate level, students prepare for work in any size business. Students learn communication solutions, such as how to connect with potential customers. You will likely learn to craft and implement a campaign to focus on a particular demographic or group.

Your ability to persuade and communicate with others will probably see a marked improvement after completing an Associate of Arts in Marketing program. Students with basic knowledge of markets and their functions and processes can analyze market trends and demands, giving them a business edge. You will come to understand the workings of for-profit corporations, non-profit corporations, and government agencies, better preparing you to deal with them.

While you may not pay as much for an associate’s degree as you would in a longer and more advanced program of study, you will still have to pay college tuition. This can vary widely between colleges, so make sure to do your research and compare different programs.

An undergraduate degree in marketing might prepare you to integrate marketing into any company. Entry-level positions range from producing advertisements to analyzing market trends and demands. Whether you are a businessperson looking to improve your practice, or you are interested in becoming a market analyst or an advisor, the associate’s-level degree can start paving the way. Higher degrees often provide even more opportunities.

Marketing programs are very common these days, and you can get the same quality of instruction from an online class that you would get in a normal classroom, but with the added benefit of convenience. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.