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11 Associate of Applied Science Programs in Technology Studies Information Technology Networks 2024



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Associate of Applied Science Programs in Technology Studies Information Technology Networks

An Associate of Applied Science is a degree that students obtain when they complete a very hands-on set of courses aimed at increasing their knowledge of a specified field. This is often used as a means of furthering a career or as a springboard to higher education.

What is an Associate of Applied Science in Networks? This is a degree that certifies a student has completed certain courses toward helping them succeed in the networking industry. This is an industry that’s increasingly important to global operations of all sorts, and as such, students will be required to tackle difficult courses and learn skills like creating LAN/WAN system designs, administration and troubleshooting, installation, configuration and many other integral parts of software and networking necessities.

Skills like dealing with network connections, attention to detail and superb written communication will serve students outside of the professional realm as well. This skill set helps participants to set up a comfortable, technology-oriented home environment, and allows more effective communication overall.

Because price varies between institutions and countries, those looking to complete this course should do a bit of research when it comes to prices. Costs may also differ between online and in-person classes as well.

Networking is a crucial part of business and communications around the world, which means there may be several potential careers available for those who choose to pursue this degree. Aside from pursuing several relevant, important certifications, participants may be able to enter into the work force as hardware support for small to mid-sized businesses, help desk support, technical writers and PC technician repair associates.

Whether you’re in an area with limited access to qualifying institutions or need a more flexible schedule, online options may be a great alternative to traditional classes. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.