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3 Advanced Diploma Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Digital Media 2024



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Advanced Diploma Programs in Journalism and Mass Communication Media Digital Media

An advanced diploma is bestowed upon university or college students who complete coursework in a semi-vocational or semi-professional field. The advanced diploma usually takes one to two years to complete, depending on the structure of the program and the institution. This diploma is considered equivalent to a year or two of studies at the undergraduate degree level.

What is an advanced diploma in digital media? This course of study trains students for employment in creative and design careers. In this program, they may learn about the design process, with courses in graphic design such as photography, illustration, and typography. Topics covered may include visual media design trends, emerging technologies, industry practices, design process, and project management. Other areas of study may include animation, game development, web and application development, sound design, and broadcast graphics.

Students may desire an advanced diploma in digital media to build their skills in web design, graphic design, interactive design, visualization, and animation. They also learn production and development skills while gaining practical business skills to work in various industries.

Program costs will vary, based on the educational institution, its location, and the length of the course of study. Students should do some research on schools with relevant programs that may match their financial, academic, and career goals.

Graduates of digital media programs may find work as graphic designers, web designers, layout artists, app developers, typography designers, and advertising illustrators. In the print realm, they may be employed as cartoonists, print production managers, or package designers. Many jobs fall in a broad range from book and advertising illustrators to production artists, corporate designers, set designers, and television production team members.

Numerous universities around the world offer this or similar programs. The course may be held on campus or online, depending on the school. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.