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Mid Michigan Community College : LUCES Academy

(LUCES = Learning and Understanding Content to Empower Success!)


Mid Michigan Community College (MMCC)’s LUCES Academy is an exciting and unique program designed to help international students transition into American college academic life by bridging the gap between traditional ESL programs and regular academic class. All LUCES Academy courses are taken for college credit, mix international and domestic students, and have the same learning outcomes as the regular sections of the same courses. The difference is that the LUCES courses are taught by specially trained faculty who make the content more accessible to non-native English speakers. MMCC’s LUCES Academy is the perfect place for who do not want to come to America just to study in ESL courses but who also might not quite be ready for regular college course. If this is you, you’ll find MMCC’s LUCES Academy is the place for you to transition to American college academic life.


The Mid Michigan Community College LUCES Academy was created to address faculty and institutional recommendations for improving academic programs, retention, student success and other wrap-around services for international and at-risk domestic student populations.


In alignment with the college’s four enduring goals and values (Enabling Student Success, Enhancing Employee Success, Engaging the Community, and Improving Institutional Effectiveness) the launch of the LUCES Academy Pilot Program in Fall 2015 focused on four core objectives:

  • Student Success: To address critical academic and other student success needs within shifting enrollment trends including international students and at-risk domestic populations.
  • Faculty Success: To provide faculty training and trans-disciplinary professional development, fostering pedagogical knowledge applicable to all college courses.
  • Engaging the Community: To develop co-curricular partnerships and culturally diverse learning experiences, linking local engagement to the global landscape of 21st Century students.
  • Institutional Effectiveness: To develop and implement baseline assessment tools to track program successes, opportunities, best practices, and challenges at student, faculty, and institutional levels.


All courses offered in the LUCES Academy are taught by faculty who have undergone special training in teaching sheltered courses and courses for international students. All courses were either 3 or 4 credits and students can enroll full-time within the LUCES Academy. Courses include:

  • BUS 122: Management Theory & Practice
  • BUS 151: Introduction to Business Issues
  • CIS 100: Introduction to Information Systems
  • ENG 110: Academic Writing
  • ENG 111: Freshmen English Composition
  • ESL 101: English for Non-Native Speakers
  • ESL 103: Academic English for Non-Native Speakers
  • MAT 101: Basic Mathematics
  • MAT 104: Basic Algebra
  • MAT 105: Intermediate Algebra
  • POL 201: Introduction to American Government
  • PSY 101: Introduction to General Psychology
  • REL 250: African-American Religion
  • SOC 101: Principles of Sociology
  • SPE 101: Fundamentals of Communication

Of course, qualified students will be able to take course they are interested in outside of the LUCES Academy as they wish, but it is likely that international students will take some courses in the LUCES Academy each semester.

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MMCC offers a start that provides something rich and unique. Whether you’re looking to save money on your four-year or advanced educational plans, you’re coming back to college as a non-traditional st ... Read More

MMCC offers a start that provides something rich and unique. Whether you’re looking to save money on your four-year or advanced educational plans, you’re coming back to college as a non-traditional student, or you want to enter into a career in two years or less through one of our trade, technical, or occupational programs, we’re confident that you’ll Get More at Mid. Read less
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