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We promise to take you from baked beans to brilliance in one week! This five-day intensive cooking course is perfect for those who want to learn to cook before university, are heading off on a Gap Year, students on summer holiday or for anyone who simply wants to gain confidence in the kitchen. You will learn the essential basics of cooking and walk away with a large amount of varied, easy and enjoyable recipes that can be enjoyed every night of the week.

Arrive daily to a Cookery School breakfast of freshly baked morning goodies and hot chocolate, tea or coffee to set you up for a good cooking session. Each day at lunchtime you will sit down around the Cookery School table to enjoy tasting the dishes that you have made.

You are promised a most memorable week but, best of all, you will leave us filled with the confidence that you can cook well for yourself and replicate the dishes that you have learnt at home.

In this cooking course you will learn:


  • Bread-making – this is a great skill to acquire as bread is an inexpensive accompaniment to many meals and forms the basis of easy to make pizza. Today we make granary bread rolls.
  • A good soup – the choice of soup depends on the season. A minestrone will be made during the summer, using summer veg or in winter, using root vegetables.
  • Roast crispy chicken with roast potatoes.
  • Roast vegetables – in summer there will be summer vegetables and in winter a selection of colourful root vegetables.
  • Fruit salad – learning how to make an awesome one using whatever is available – cutting up well and choosing fruits that work together is the secret here.
  • Brownies – ours are the best ever and everyone is knocked out by them.


  • Bread-making – using the dough technique that you learnt yesterday, you will again make bread dough but this time for pizza bases. You will be making the toppings too.
  • The main topping of a pizza is a tomato sauce but this versatile sauce can be used on pasta or in other dishes too so valuable to learn.
  • Learn how to make a good salad dressing and quickly prepare a perfect salad with an introduction to different salad ingredients and the tricks for making varied and interesting salads.
  • Baked apples and baked fruit – easy, healthy and delicious. With a scoop of ice cream, these make a perfect dessert.
  • Cupcakes – a good treat to enjoy for breakfast or coffee.


  • Learn how to make a good bowl of oatmeal – a healthy and quick breakfast as well as bircher muesli which really sets you up for the day.
  • Bolognese sauce is a classic and can be used on spaghetti or in a lasagne. Learn the tricks on how to make a perfect one with as little hassle as possible.
  • Learn how to make our foolproof béchamel sauce -the perfect base for a cheese sauce on vegetables or in a macaroni cheese (best of all with a little tomato sauce added to it).
  • Make a lasagne using your Bolognese sauce and béchamel. All that is required to make the layers is a packet of lasagne sheets and some Parmesan cheese. This dish freezes brilliantly so you can make a few of them from one recipe and freeze for times when you do not feel like cooking. (Bolognese sauce is also a great freezer dish, as is tomato sauce.)
  • A classic Tricolore salad – again quick and easy to whip up. The trick to this is the beautiful balsamic dressing that you will learn how to make.
  • A classic sponge cake that can be eaten on its own or topped with a chocolate ganache or filled with jam or cream.


  • You will be able to consolidate on your salad making skills and make a perfect Salad Nicoise – a gourmet dish that is perfect served with a baguette or, if you are energetic, your own homemade rolls. Learn how to boil eggs to perfection for this (as well as learning how to make soft boiled eggs to be eaten with bread soldiers for breakfast).
  • Learn how to grill and bake fish and make a lemon butter sauce to accompany it.
  • Learn how to make a tartare sauce.
  • Potatoes dauphinoise and oven-baked chips are a favourite with everyone so you will be pleased to see how easy these are to prepare and cook.
  • Crème caramel is a classic dessert and far easier than anyone thinks. You will be taught how to make these – again a few tricks will ensure that yours are always perfect!


  • Scones of all sorts are a good dish to learn to make. You will make both plain and cheese scones. They are easy to whip up and good to serve for breakfast or at tea time.
  • Make a seasonal carrot soup – and understand how you can substitute any seasonal veg to make a good soup.
  • Fish pie is a firm favourite so, with your knowledge of béchamel sauce, you will learn how to make a fish pie topped with gorgeous mashed potato.
  • Pasties are good sustaining food so learn how to make a vegetarian and a beef version using a traditional Cornish recipe.
  • Apple crumble – or any other fruit crumble is a great and easy dessert which you will master in no time.

Course Details

Monday to Friday 9:30am - 4pm

At Cookery School Little Portland Street, London near Oxford Circus

Last updated Dec 2019

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About the School

The Cookery School at Little Portland Street provides its students with the skills necessary to become a confident and independent cook with a focus on hands on practice.

The Cookery School at Little Portland Street provides its students with the skills necessary to become a confident and independent cook with a focus on hands on practice. Read less