Major Appliances / Basic Electricity Course


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Major Appliances / Basic Electricity Course

Every household, every business, and just about every building in the world has some major appliances in use. Clothes Washers, Dish Washers, Clothes Dryers, Refrigerators, Microwave Ovens, Stoves and disposals are some of the more common ones. They break down occasionally and need to be repaired. Is there anyone you know who doesn’t own some kind of Major Appliance?

Major Appliance technicians need to have the skills necessary to successfully service these machines, such as learning to diagnose and troubleshoot. Students enrolled in The Major Appliance Program at Bay State are learning these skills by working on the actual pieces of equipment in the lab workshops. For almost 30 years, Bay State’s “Hands-On” training has worked for thousands of students. Half of the students’ time in school is in the classroom learning the theory of how the appliances work and the other half is spent in the workshops gaining hands on experience.

An important component of the course is the training on Electricity and Electronics. The ability to understand how electricity works, and the skills needed to read a wiring diagram or schematic is an essential part of the diagnostic process. In addition, each student receives up-to-date training on the electronic controls that manage each and every Major Appliance.

New students receive a laptop computer and training on how to use it as a learning tool. The cost of the laptop is included in the tuition and the student will own it at the end of his program. In addition, all students will receive preparation and training to take a National Service Certification test, offered by the Professional Service Association (PSA). Bay State Tech is one of only four schools in the United States designated as a certified training and testing center by PSA.

Graduates of the Major Appliances/Basic Electricity Program are prepared to enter the work force as entry level technicians. Some begin their careers with major servicing organizations such as General Electric or Sears while others join smaller independent local companies. The pay is good and the work is steady. A number of graduates start up their own business after working in the field for a few years, gaining the experience of working on the large variety of makes and models, while learning how a repair business functions.

Bay State graduates are well received by employers who often come to the school to recruit graduates. The school’s placement office provides job search assistance including resume preparation.

Last updated January 2018

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