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The Graduate Automation how the knowledge and tools needed to design, implement and monitor projects in the building automation sector.

Today there are a number of technology solutions for home automation networks designed to cover specific areas or specific needs. This has confounded engineers, installers, users, etc., while it has hindered the work of integration, very important for the development of universal solutions such as Residential Gateway.

Therefore, home automation standards-based solutions that cover the entire range of possible domestic and industrial applications are being imposed on the market. Also, professionals require knowledge of proprietary systems for unique solutions and systems integration.


Input Profile

  • * For people whose professional development center, or you can focus in the short term, in the field of automation, either industrial or residential environments: engineering and projects, construction, commissioning, operation and maintenance, production and / or distribution of materials, equipment and services, etc.
  • * Recent graduates in engineering careers (technical and / or higher) and higher-level vocational training.

Output Profile

Professional improvement capabilities can be classified according to the input profile as follows: For recent graduates looking for their first job (university graduates / vocational training of higher grade):

  • * Expert knowledge accredited to join in the sector of building automation.
  • * Knowhow companies to create Engineering, Projects and Exploitation oriented automation sector housing.

Outside professionals for the sector:

  • * Opportunity to expand business to the sector of automation systems, engineering companies and projects.
  • * An excellent academic curriculum to change profession.

For professionals:

  • * Extensive multidisciplinary knowledge.
  • * Greater ease and speed in development activities.
  • * Opportunity for professional improvement.
  • * Access system certificates and pointers in the world of industrial and residential automation protocols.


Taking the Graduate Domótica obtained the necessary knowledge to overcome with full guarantee exams official certificates of KNX and Lonworks. Also, they are given the knowledge necessary to raise, make and execute a project of automation of any type of construction.

The program is oriented to the knowledge of key processes in the Autonomous Systems Sector Residential and Industrial.

This program is an initiative of La Salle given the lack of professionalism in these sectors (mainly residential), the need to upgrade skills of workers in the sector and the current growth of Automation and Robotics in the service sector .


The methodology of this master is eminently practical.

Besides lectures, the master develops conditioners for group work practices and laboratories.


1 Master innovative at European level because it integrates industrial automation and robotics housing. Moreover, it emphasizes the efficient programming and innovation of installed systems.

2 Taught by professionals with proven expertise and orestigio in the sector, among which Matrikon OPC, CEDOM or the Spanish Association of Robotics.

3 This is a program tailored to current professional needs of the sector and complements all professional oriented field of vocational training.

4 Assumes the necessary and sufficient plus graduates who wish to join in the sector.

5 Master very practical divided into three modules that can be taken separately.

Program taught in:

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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019
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Oct 2019

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