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Program Description

Expert Online / Semipresencial

Introduction to training in Sport Social Media Management

The athletes, the coaching staff, the entities, the clubs, the media, etc. they face an increasingly greater challenge, digital communication.

Social networks (Social Media Management) are being introduced in the midst of many economic interests linked to the media. Will brands, clubs and the media be able to take advantage of this new trend?

Today more than ever the creation of the personal brand is a determining factor when it comes to evolve in the sports field, as well as from the entity to know how to manage the crises that can be created in the environment of social networks. A good professional will avoid those crises and, if they appear, will know how to respond in an appropriate way both in tone and in efficiency.

Objectives of the training in Sport Social Media Management

The training programs at Sport Social Media Management have the general objective of training and giving skills to students, from different disciplines and fields, for professional practice in the field of digital marketing linked to social networks and personal branding.

  • Know the different areas in which social networks are managed, their individual characteristics, as well as advantages and disadvantages of each of them.
  • Acquire the practical knowledge and tools necessary for the management of social networks applied to the world of sports.
  • Apply in a creative and innovative way the practical knowledge acquired for the correct diffusion of the personal or professional brand focused on the optimization and maximization of results in social networks.
  • The Sport Social Media in the mobile environment, mobile sport media expert.

To whom the Sport Social Media Management programs are aimed

The programs of sport social media management are aimed at all those (graduates, graduates or graduates, as well as professionals) who wish to broaden their knowledge about the management of social networks in order to have the necessary skills and tools to be able to work in this field. sector.

University graduates, preferably graduates in ADE, law, journalism, sciences of physical activity and sports and all those graduates who wish to specialize in the area of ​​training in Sport Social Media Management.

100% Online Programs

The online training in Sport Social Media Management offers a series of advantages such as, among others, the possibility of studying from any point and the freedom to manage our own study time, allowing the combination with other studies or work even with the preparation in competitions of great demand. The pace of study adapts to your personal needs. You always have at your side a personal tutor and a series of professionals who will take care of you throughout the process. We use the most modern tools of remote work, videoconferences, videochats, email, instant messaging, as well as a forum in our Campus.

Face-to-face sessions

Our training in Sport Social Media Management also helps you to be able to interact with fellow students, conduct networking, internships in sports organizations and companies, as well as be in contact with professionals from the Sport Social Media Management sector.

Educational load: 425h (ECTS Equivalence: 17 credits)

Expert's Program in Sport Social Media Management/>

B160 Introduction to 2.0

  • The beginnings of the digital era
  • Communication 2.0
  • Social websites
  • Smartphone technology
  • The web 3.0

B161Social Media and Sport

  • Sport in digital media
  • Entities, brands and athletes in the process 2.0
  • Sports media
  • The consumer of sport 2.0

B162 Social Platforms

  • Generalist social networks
  • Audiovisual social networks
  • Professional social networks
  • Sports social networks

B163 You, the social media manager

  • Training of the work team
  • Production and management tools

B164 The Social Media Plan

  • The strategy
  • The success of our project
  • Management of a sports community

B165 Measurement of results

  • Natural and social positioning
  • Analysis and measurement of results

B166 Legal aspects

  • Licenses
  • Legality in Social Media

Online method of the Expert in Sport Social Media Management

  • Flexible methodology adapted to your life
  • Online Campus available 24h / 365 days
  • Customized tutoring
  • Teaching material always updated
  • Individual classes by videoconference
  • Case studies
  • Campus adapted to mobile devices
  • Free subscription to sector magazines
  • Access to specialized resources
  • International technical stays (OPC)
  • Classroom activities (OPC)
  • Internships in companies (OPC)
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Unisport es la escuela de negocios del sector deportivo. Aquí se mezclan gestión empresarial, deporte y mucha pasión. Con más de 25 años de experiencia en formación deportiva, trabajamos tres grandes áreas: Gestión Deportiva, Coaching Deportivo y Comunicación Deportiva. Read less