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Part time Courses in Civil Aviation 2020 in North America

Students who enjoy studying aviation may be interested in further education in civil aviation. This type of degree might include learning about scheduling air transport and general aviation.

Course Part time in Civil Aviation in North America

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University of Tulsa College of Business Administration

It’s So Simple shows how trust, respect and support among co-workers will increase productivity and retention and improve customer service and growth. ... [+]

What does it take to lead a company to Fortune’s list of 100 Best Companies to Work For In America? Has Southwest Airlines cornered the market on customer service and employee dedication? And can the lessons from Southwest’s culture be duplicated in your workplace?

Most people don’t think it’s possible for a company to love you, and many don’t understand how you can love a company, according former CEO Herb Kelleher. In fact, today many people live in “corporate fear,” afraid they may make mistakes and tank their careers. The film, It’s So Simple, shows you that it is possible to change that fear to love.

The film takes you behind the scenes at Southwest Airlines to find out why they are one of the most sought-after employers in the nation, and one of the most successful and admired organizations on the planet! From the newest employee to the CEO, there’s something in It’s So Simple for everyone!... [-]

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