Part time Courses in Aviation in Greece 2020

Many of the subjects included in aviation deal with designing and manufacturing airplanes, but there are also areas which focus on air traffic and the environmental impact of planes and other aircraft. General aviation can also be separated into civic and military aviation.

Part time Course in Aviation in Greece

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Commercial Pilot License (H)

Superior Air
Campus Full-time Part-time 18 - 36 months Open Enrollment Greece Megara + 1 more

The aim of the Commercial Pilot License (H) modular course is to train PPL (H) or ICAO/JAA pilot license holders to the level of proficiency necessary to operate single-pilot single-engine helicopters in commercial air transportation. You will also be able to obtain the EASA CPL(H).

ATPL Integrated Course

Global Aviation
Campus Full-time Part-time 12 - 36 months September 2020 Greece Pireas + 1 more

0-ATPL (A) Integrated is a complete course designed to train the student pilot from zero up to the ATPL frozen and to obtain the CPL/IR/MEP.

ICAO to EASA conversion course

Olympus Aviation Academy
Online & Campus Combined Full-time Part-time September 2020 Greece Thessaloniki