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To become a master, students must complete a required number of courses at the graduate level. This degree typically takes about two years to complete as a full-time student. Choose among a wide range of topics, including engineering, art, and business.

The basic characteristic of Austrian higher education system is a four-year course. After completion of undergraduate degree, the university often have scholarships for those students who may want to further studies to master’s and even to doctorate levels.

Vienna is the capital city of Austria and has many facilities to match that status. Education centres are in excellent condition going to extent of having International schools such as American International School Vienna and International University Vienna.

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Vienna – Psychology & Social Sciences

IES Abroad
Campus Full-time September 2019 Austria Vienna

Experience life in Vienna as a student of Psychology and Social Sciences. Our courses give you the opportunity to explore youth cultures, childhood development, virtual identity on the web, the immigrant experience, and the social and psychological dimensions of discrimination.

Vienna – Business, Economics & International Relations

IES Abroad
Campus Full-time September 2019 Austria Vienna

Choose from a wide selection of courses in disciplines such as Economics, Finance, International Business, Management, Marketing, and Political Science. You can also enhance your experience by taking courses in Art History, History, Humanities, Psychology, and so much more.

Vienna - Music

IES Abroad
Campus Full-time 1 - 2 semesters Request Info Austria Vienna

The IES Abroad Vienna Music Program is ideal for students majoring or minoring in Music, and offers you the opportunity to participate in a wide selection of courses focusing on Music and European culture and society. The program is organized in conjunction with the Vienna European Society & Culture Program.

Vienna - European Society & Culture

IES Abroad
Campus Full-time 1 - 2 semesters Request Info Austria Vienna

Offering both English- and German-taught courses, the IES Abroad Vienna European Society & Culture program allows you to study the culture, history, business, and politics of a region that continues to play a major role on the world stage.

Vienna Summer - Music History & Performance

IES Abroad
Campus Full-time 6 weeks Request Info Austria Vienna

Study Music History and Performance in Vienna, a city recognized around the world for its influence on the development of classical music.

Course in German and Work Experience

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 8 - 16 weeks Open Enrollment Austria Vienna

ActiLingua offers German courses in combination with paid or unpaid work experience. The the program is divided into two parts.

Course in German and Music

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 4 - 52 weeks Open Enrollment Austria Vienna

In addition to your Standard or Intensive German course you can book music lessons. Music instruction takes place at the Vienna Conservatory and is available for music students, professionals and enthusiastic amateurs.

German Teachers' Course

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 2 weeks Open Enrollment Austria Vienna

Courses for non-native German teachers who work with teenagers or adults.

Course in Business German

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 2 weeks October 2019 Austria Vienna

The combination of a Standard Course and Business German enables you to learn what you need for your job.

Course in German and University

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 6 - 52 weeks October 2019 Austria Vienna

The programme is directed at high school graduates who would like to study in Austria. In the German course you perfect your knowledge of German.

Individual Tuition

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 1 - 12 weeks Open Enrollment Austria Vienna

You define the content of your language course yourself, resulting in a maximisation of input in the one-to-one sessions with your own teacher(s).

Superintensive German Course

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 1 - 11 weeks Open Enrollment Austria Vienna

Combination of group tuition (Standard Course) and individual tuition. Individual tuition caters to special learning needs and takes your vocational interests into account.

Intensive German Course

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 1 - 48 weeks Open Enrollment Austria Vienna

You will study general German for four lessons daily (Standard Course) plus two additional lessons a day in small groups, in which your teacher specifically focuses on your individual needs and weak points.

Standard German Course

ActiLingua Academy
Campus Full-time 1 - 48 weeks Open Enrollment Austria Vienna

The main emphasis is placed on improving your communication skills. Lessons in grammar and conversation help you to enhance vocabulary and improve your syntax. You will practice formal and informal writing and work on your listening and reading comprehension.

TESOL Intensive

Eton Institute
Campus Part-time 20 - 60 hours September 2019 United Arab Emirates Dubai Abu Dhabi Austria Vienna India New Delhi Hong Kong USA New York + 8 more

Unlock your students’ potential with practical and professional teacher training that focuses on refreshing and developing teaching skills. Ensure that you are confident in the modern multi-cultural and multi-lingual classroom with Eton Institute’s international TESOL course certification...